The Liftaway LA237 has been designed as a compatible remote for Gliderol Glidermatic, GRD, GTS and GTS2000 garage door openers utilising the TM-305C remote only.


Designed with security in mind, our UHF radio frequency rotates to a new code each time the button is pressed providing  2 Billion codes to ensuring maximum security. The unit has an operating range of between 20m – 600m, depending on the environment and an open field range up to 100m.


The Liftaway LA237 has been designed to be convenient and functional with a slimline design that incorporates large, easy to use buttons with a convenient key ring attachment. It is durable with a hard wearing outer shell that offers both shock and splash protection. It is not waterproof.


Liftaway LA237 Gliderol Compatible Garage Door Remote

SKU: LA237
  • The Liftaway LA237 is compatible with the followingGlidermatic products:

    Remotes Openers
    Gliderol TM-305C

    Gliderol Glidermatic

    • Gliderol GRD
      Gliderol Glidermatic GTS
      Gliderol GTS 2000