Don't Fall Victim to Cord Grab!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

With over 1.8 million views, this youtube video shows how easily a garage door can be opened from the outside in less than 10 seconds using only a common wire coat hanger. You can be sure not all of these viewers are trustworthy.

Tips to Defeat Cord Grab Break-ins

  • This release is an important safety feature for garage doors that allow for doors to be opened in a power outage. While you may be tempted, don't remove the cord.

  • A much better option is to install one or two plastic zip ties as shown in the picture below. With the zip-ties in place, the cord grab technique will be much more difficult. In an emergency, a sharp tug on the cord's handle will break the zip-ties and the mechanism will release as expected.

  • If your garage door has windows, add frost to the glass to obscure the view into your garage.

  • Install a lockable handle on your garage door. They are easy to install and provide peace of mind especially when out of town.

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