10 Tips for Garage Door Security

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

When it comes to security for your home, the garage door can be one of the most vulnerable access points. And to make it worse, once inside the garage, criminals find shelter from being noticed by your neighbours. To the casual observer, seeing a truck backed up to a garage door just doesn't seem out of place or scream "Break-in in progress!"

Garage Door Openers

Most everyone appreciates the convenience of having the garage door open with the press of a button. When automatic door openers were first introduced they all worked by using the same code! Imagine how thieves could buy a remote and just drive down the street pressing the button and if you had the same make and model, BINGO!

A short time later, manufactures recognised this security threat and came out with the second generation of openers that could be configured to 12,870 unique combinations by setting DIP switch on the opener and the remote to be the same. Better, but it meant that the home owner had to pick a combination that was not the default. Otherwise, it was no different than the weak security from the first generation of openers.

Modern garage door openers now offer code hopping radio technology randomly selects a unique code from nearly 4.3 billion possible codes each time the garage remote is used. Be sure that your garage door opener features the code hopping technology. Both of the openers offered by Liftaway provide this extra layer of security.

Top 10 Tips

  1. Don't leave the garage remote in your car or truck! If a thief breaks into your vehicle and steals your garage door remote, they have an easy way into your home.

  2. Stop using that remote that clips onto your visor! Invest in a remote with a tag that can attach to your keyring.

  3. Burglars can use a coat hanger to cord-grab the emergency release then easily lift the door to enter. In this blog article, you can learn how to use zip-ties on your emergency release to help prevent this type of intrusion without using easy-unsafe solutions.

  4. Hopefully you have a solid door if your house is assessable from the garage. If this door leading into your house is not purpose built, the door can easily be smashed and defeated. Get a quality door a with lockable with solid dead bold lock. There are also DYI anti-kick devices available.

  5. Make a new habit to keep it locked! (Imagine a home intruder finding the door unlocked.)

  6. Don't leave your garage door open. I'm amazed to see how many folks leave the garage door open for hours. That's an unspoken invitation for a thief to case your place and perhaps, bold enough to make a quick grab. Keep it shut.

  7. Get a wide angle peep hole so that you can see what's in the garage before you just unlock and open your door. It's good to see what could be making that noise in the garage.

  8. Frost over any windows that look in to your garage. If thieves can't image what's inside, they may not take the risk.

  9. Add a keyed locking mechanism to your garage door for use when you are out of town. Liftaway has range of Locks and Accessories that are easy to install.

  10. Maintain the mechanical parts of your garage door. Pay special attention to any rust or corrosion. Check for loose bolts and take note of cables that show wear. Neglecting this maintenance can lead to unexpected mechanical faults. This also applies to the door that leads into the house. Check the door frame for cracks, check that pins for hinges are tapped in and only assessable from inside the house. Check and lubricate the lock (only use products that are specifically for locks.) mechanism.








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